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​​ Dermal Filler Cannula*

Dermal filler cannulas with blunt tips have been developed for use with HA and non HA dermal fillers. The length and flexibility allow aesthetic practitioners to cover a larger surface area with a single entry point.

Blunt tip dermal filler cannulas slide through subcutaneous layer rather that cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional hypodermic needles. With less damage caused and improved manoeuvrability, filler injections with blunt tip aesthetic cannulas are performed more quickly with less pain.

When generally talking about injections with dermal filler cannulas and needles one could argue the following differences between the two. Needle are used for small superficial lines or boluses in deeper layers with an average risk of intravascular trauma. Cannula are used for larger volumes in lines injected in the Subdermal or deeper skin layers with a reduced risk of intravascular trauma.

Do you prefer the use of dermal filler needles, or do you implement a combination of both solutions? Take a look at our dermal filler needles.

  • Blunt-Tip Cannula
  • Doctor recommended for Dermal Fillers
  • Decreased Bruising
  • Less Pain
  • Better Recovery


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